Welcome to Legio Solvit!

Gendanar a posted Jan 22, 12
Welcome to your new website, we hope you like it!
Legio Solvit is a website for ALL relaxed gamers of the 3 major formats - Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC Gaming.
Created back in July 2011 from a small group of Xbox 360 gamers that came together on the Warhammer 40'000: Space Marine forums, the vision of Legio Solvit was - and still is - to provide a place where young, old and the inbetween, can play a wide variety of games for the simple pleasure of fun!
There is a competitive nature among all gamers but the primary aspect is to have an enjoyable and social time while playing a game, and making decent friends in the process.
We hope that the Legio Solvit vision is never lost and we warmly welcome all gamers with a similar attitude to join our community and join in with a fun gaming experience.
Gaming-wise there is no set requirement, rules or regulations in order to play. If you only play a couple of games, or are only available on rare occasions, you are still very welcome to join in as it's the attitude and empahsis on having fun that Legio Solvit tries to encourage.
Also, you please feel free to invite any of your other gaming friends to register and be part of a great Community!
With a family-feel environment here at Legio Solvit, please do try to watch the language and aggressive/offensive behaviour.
Hope to see you around
The Legio Solvit Team